Welcome back to another WFU National Tournament. 

New this year is the introduction of the 45+ and 65+ age categories -

a welcome addition to the calendar.

In the 45+ teams, players have to be 45+ yrs of age on the day of any match, a minimum of two per team at the start of matches.

Any player may play for a younger aged category.

Players must be of age prior to playing any match.


Please fill in the registration form below or applications cannot be processed fully.

If two or three teams are to be registered (45+, 50+, 60+ & 65+,) ensure that the form shows such.

When filling in the boxes, place the cursor at the start of the box text to activate the input

A)45+  B)50+  C)60+  D)65+   (One team per category only    >

Up to 15 players - names & DOBs can be included or    > sent at a later date. State later in the section please.

Any new players must be registered with

WFU  before playing

- please ensure you separate the age category named teams.