Tournament Stages Dates

March 1st             Closing date for registration - Teams and players' registration must have been processed.

Sunday March 10,17 - County Stage
Sunday April  28, May 5 -  Regional Zone Stage
Sunday June 30, July 21 - Regional Finals
Sunday September 8 - 45+ Finals
Sunday September 15 - 50+ Finals
Sunday  September 29 - 65+ Finals
Sunday October 13 - 60+ Finals

(These dates may be subject to change by WFU)


County Stage:           (see map Regional & Entrants)

One team                    – walk through

Two teams                  – either a one-off match at an agreed/preferred venue or a neutral venue,

                                     or a Home & an Away 2-Leg aggregate scores match (this has been devised so that publicity,                                                                    exposure, interest & recruitment may be generated by the event for both teams, and may also                                                                create or cement a relationship between WF local teams.

Three teams               – either individual head to head matches over the time period at agreed/preferred venues, or a neutral venue/s

                                     or a one-off one, one-day get-together round robin league format

Four teams                 – individual head to head matches (but time constraints may not be the preferred option)               

                                     or a one-off one, one-day get-together round robin league format (advisable)                                    

Five teams                   – mutually agreed date at an agreed/preferred venue or a neutral venue with a round robin                                                                    league format

Six teams                    – pools of three teams - decided on alphabetical team names - to play matches as either individual matches,

                                      head to heads, or a one-off, one-day get-together or two pools of round robin league format

                                     (The two pools may arrange games at differing times – but leave enough time for a county final)  

                                      The pool winners meet to decide a county champion


Round Robin Format :

3 pts for a win, 1 pt for a draw

Winner decided on Points. If teams are level on points, decided  on Head to Head match. If still no determination, then 5 minutes extra time and finally 3 penalties each, then sudden death penalties

(NB - extra time for additional playing time and penalties needs to be factored in)


Match Duration:     Guideline purposes ( – may be altered by organisors with all agreed parties)

One match       -         20 mins EW

Two matches   -         15 mins EW

Three matches -        10 mins EW

Four matches   -        15 mins Straight