FA Laws Of The Game are in effect. 

1.   All players must be of age for the specific age category prior to competing in a match

2.   Teams are 6-a-side with a maximum squad of nine

3.   Three flexi-subs are permitted

4.   Ball size and type must consist of a size 4, 5 regular or a futsal – dependent on surface and agreed to prior to the match or matches

5.   Players must refrain from openly wearing jewellery or watches. Tape may be used to cover rings

5i.  Shin pads are compulsory - a strict 'no pads, no play' will be in effect

5ii. The goalkeeper must wear a top that distinguishes them from the other members of the team

5iii. Substitutes must wear a top that distinguishes them from the other members of the team until they are called in to play

6.   Running or jogging on or off the ball is not permitted by any player – which includes the goalkeeper

7.   The format is minimal-contact football

8.   An above head height restriction on the ball is in play

8i.  The head height restriction shall be set at six feet – unless the goal frame is a futsal type with a higher crossbar (6’6”)

8ii. The whole of the ball must exceed the head height restriction to be deemed an infringement

8iii. The referee shall have sole interpretation on the ball exceeding the head height restriction

8iv. If a ball deflects off a player and exceeds the head height restriction, a free kick is awarded to the opposite team

8v.  If a ball deflects off the goal frame and exceeds the head height restriction, the ball is retained by the goalkeeper

8vi. If the ball exceeds the head height restriction from a deflection off surrounding pitch barriers, the ball is placed one-metre from               the barrier at the point where it deflected, and the team that last kicked the ball or deflected the ball concedes a free kick to the               opposition

8vii.If in the process of a save the goalkeeper deflects the ball above head height and out into open play, the ball is retained by the                 goalkeeper 

8viii.If the ball is deflected over the head height restriction and out of play on pitches that contain goal lines by the defending                

       goalkeeper, a corner is given

8ix. If in the process of a save by the goalkeeper and the ball is deflected above head height within the penalty area and crosses the               goal line, a goal shall be awarded

8x. If the goalkeeper is deemed to have deliberately caused the ball to exceed the head height restriction a free kick is given to the

       opposing team 3-metres outside of the penalty area as close to where the infringement occurred

8x.  Players are not permitted to head the ball in any circumstance

9     All free kicks are indirect

9i.   Infringements awarded to the attacking team that occur close to the penalty area line must be moved back 3-metres from the                  penalty area line 

10.  Opposition players must be 3-metres from the ball in all dead ball situations

11.  A drop ball may be used to resume play when it is not evident a decision can be reached to determine possession; or in the event          of a sudden halt in play

12.  A coin toss shall be used at the start of a game to determine which team has kick-off

12i. A team not winning the toss shall elect as to which end they shall play from

13.  A goal cannot be scored directly from the kick-off

14.  If the pitch contains touchlines a kick-in shall replace a throw-in

15.  If a pitch contains goal lines corners are in play

16.  Slide tackling and slide blocking are not permitted

17.  Outfield players may not play the ball whilst grounded. A goalkeeper may play the ball whilst grounded

18.  On pitches with barriers or walls (indoor sports halls): players may not hold onto such in the course of play, except to prevent a 

       collision, correct balance or briefly use as a distance safety gauge. Players may not hold on in order to shield the ball, hold the ball

       up or prevent access to the ball by opposing players

18i. Tackling across a player at the barrier/wall is not permitted

18ii. ’Crowding’ (two players vs one) is not permitted

18iii.’Cornering’ a player is not permitted. A player boxed in the corner must be allowed to turn

19.   Shoulder charging or barging is not permitted

20.   Players may not physically step across an opponent to gain an advantage or deny that player access to the ball or position

21.   Tackling must be clean and with minimum contact

21i.  Tackling from behind is not permitted

22.   Reckless or over-excessive intent without contact is an infringement

23.   Outfield players may not enter the penalty area intentionally

23i.  An attacking player may not enter the opposing penalty area except by momentum

23ii. A penalty is awarded if a defending player enters the penalty area deliberately to gain position to another part of  the pitch for any          reason; to play the ball back to the goalkeeper; to block a shot on goal; or deny a clear goal scoring opportunity. When a defending          player enters the penalty area inadvertently, has gained no advantage or does not affect play, no penalty can be awarded and play          continues

23iii.If two opposing players come into contact on the penalty area line and the defender enters the penalty area not by their own                   volition, no penalty can be awarded

24.   Goalkeepers may not egress from the area except by momentum - in such cases a penalty is awarded to the opposition

24i.  If in the process of making a save the goalkeeper’s lower half egresses the area, but the upper half and the ball are retained within         the penalty area, play shall continue

25.  The goalkeeper may elect to either throw the ball out under-arm (a bowling action) or kick it out from the ground. Drop kicks are              not permitted

26.  If the ball exceeds the head height restriction from a goalkeeper’s throw or kick (except in the process of making a save) a free kick           is awarded to the opposing team to be taken 3-metres outside the penalty area as close to where the infringement took place

27.  The whole of the ball must be over any pitch line to be considered in any circumstance for determination in due process

27i.  A ball on the penalty area line is considered live 

27ii. A ball played from outside of touchlines for a kick-in must be stationary and either on the touchline

27iii.A player taking a kick-in must not have a foot encroach the playing area

28.  A one-step penalty is used for a spot kick. Any penalty not taken by a pure one-step motion shall be deemed invalid and retaken

29.  There is a restriction on pass backs to the goalkeeper if they have directly received the ball from the goalkeeper. Two players must have touched the ball before it can be played back

30.  Goalkeepers cannot score a goal

31.  Goals can be scored from any outfield position

32.  A two-minute sin bin time out is in effect for any three  running infringements or any infringement the referee deems worthy of such. 

32i .Players sanctioned a sin bin must serve two minutes of actual playing time. If play is halted for any reason, the sin bin clock also

       ceases until play resumes

32ii.Players returning from a sin bin time out have a further totting up process resume. Should a second time out occur to the          

        same player, that player is shown a blue card then a red card and plays no further part in that match 

33.  A player shown a red card shall play no further part in that match

33i. A player shown a red card for violent conduct shall play no further part in that tournament

33ii.A red carded player may not be substituted 



Essential breakdown version:


Above head height restriction on the ball

Deflection above head height in or out of the area by the goalkeeper - ball retained by keeper. Above and behind by the goalkeeper - a corner. Above and in the goal - a goal shall stand

No heading the ball

All free kicks indirect

No direct goal from kick-off or any dead ball situation

All free kicks have opponents 3-metres distant

Players may not play the ball whilst grounded - to include slide tackling, slide blocks. Goalkeepers may distribute from a grounded position

Cornering a player is not permitted - allow opponent to turn

No 2 vs 1 tackling at barriers/wall

No tackling across an opponent at a wall/barrier

Playing with reckless or dangerous intent is an infringement

One-step penalty kicks

Restriction on passing back to the goalkeeper if having received it from them